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2012 Alberta Breeder of the Year
[article adapted from October 2012 Charolais Banner]

Alberta’s Breeder of the Year this year was McLeod Livestock, Cochrane, Alberta. It is a small operation that has a high profile through youth activities, the show ring and strong marketing. Here is how it all came to be.

Rod McLeod was actually raised in the purebred Polled Hereford business near Claresholm, but his first job involved all breeds. It was a warm summer day in Mount Forest, Ontario, in 1984 and Rod McLeod was working for World of Beef as a fieldman. It was the OCA AGM and a whole weekend of activities were planned including a sale. Rod was working ring, as was Helge By. Following the sale, Helge approached Hayes Walker III, the Charolais Banner manager at the time, and said, “I found the fieldman we are looking for.” Hayes replied, “Who?” Helge responded, “That kid I worked ring with today.”

Rod worked with the Charolais Banner under the conglomerate of breeder owners until the opportunity came to buy most of them out in 1985. Then he, Helge and Mark Kihn became partners and owners. In 1991, he made the move to sales management and managed Charolais sales in Alberta for three years.

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