Our goal is to develop genetics that provide our customers with functional, high performing cattle that have the ability to stand the test of time and our Canadian climate. We seek to meet the demands of the purebred and commercial cattlemen with cattle that will be effective breeding pieces, while adding pounds and performance to the ones that will go to market. We have always felt that having a strong set of bulls is important and have strived to integrate new, different, and exciting genetics through our group of herd sires. 

CML 996G.jpg

One of our most recent additions to our herdsire pen, this Patriot son combines length, thickness, muscle and herd improving numbers in a stylish and attractive package. We see a bright future for this exciting young herdsire, and watch for his first calves selling in 2022!

CML Copyright 714e.jpg

Style. When we think of Copyright and all that he brings to our herd, styles is a great word to describe it. His depth of body. clean front, nice sheath, and moderate frame lend to a style and phenotype that will cross well into our herd, It also doesn't hurt that he has a great width about him that carries down well into his hip when you get behind him. Just like the mark he is named after, this bull stamps his calves with an attractive style and lots of performance. Look for his offspring in our upcoming sales! 

CML 974G.jpg

Another exciting young herdsire! As a calf, we saw tremendous potential in Timeless and decided that we needed to keep him as part of our bull battery. Highly functional, sound and stylish, we think this bull is going to do great things in our herd.

LT Affinity 6221 PLD.jpg

The Lindskov-Thiel herd is well-renowned for udder quality in their females. Affinity boasts five generations of high udder scoring females in his pedigree. After consistent use in our embryo program and in our heifer pen, we are happy to have our first set of milking daughters out of this herd sire. We cannot say enough about the udder quality in the young females he has produced for us!

RBM Fargo Y111.jpg

From many perspectives, Fargo fits the bill. You have to consider this bull not only for his depth of body, structural soundness and overall phenotype, bull also for his impressive EPD profile and progeny performance. This bull is a true herd-improver in our eyes and his calves are already speaking volumes about his quality and ability to produce.

Patriot - Mature.JPG

Another highselling LT bull we have purchased the Canadian semen rights on. This high performing Ledger son is a significant breeding piece with his substantial foot, tight sheath and clean front end that is matched with great depth and performance. He continues to be a key herd sire in our program. Be sure to watch for his calves in our 2022 sale offerings.

LT AUTHORITY 7229-2.jpg

The newest addition to our AI program, Authority  comes to us from the Lindskov-Thiel herd as the  2018 high-selling bull in their sale at $160,000. This exciting herdsire speaks for himself in terms of depth, structure and power. His EPDs tell the rest of the story with superior performance, milk and carcass traits.

CML 716E done.jpg

We kept an interest in Rebel because he meets a long list of criteria we have for selecting a herdsire: superior feet, large testicles, moderate birthweight, high performance and superior structure. We see many of these traits being passed along to his progeny as we get our first calf crop out of this great sire.

Joseph 2.jpg

One of our newest walking bulls, Joe Sakic is a true calving ease sire. However, his great calving ease does not mean he lacks dimension, performance, or masculinity. He has been a great addition to our program and we are excited to see how our first calf crop sired by Joe progress.

CML Gusto 664D (2).jpg

A feature bull from our 2017 sale, Gusto has been  standout power house since day one. This bull goes back to the foundation Ginny cow family and carries forward many of her great traits. Gusto stands on a solid foundation with a big foot, carries ample depth and dimension, with loads of performance and scrotal.

Gerrard Pastor 35Z.jpg

When we saw Pastor as a yearling, we were impressed with his performance and his highly productive mother. We purchased him to improve performance, consistency, and foot size. He has done all three in our herd, with many daughters now being great producers in our program.

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